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Marketing Management

Marketing Department: is responsible for improving, pricing, promoting, creating and managing Shifa Al Jazeera Polyclinic’s healthcare services. Also, is responsible for looking after the hospital's image through proper management of marketing communications by including monitoring the overall look of Medical group’s facilities. Furthermore, Marketing Department is concerned with expanding the group's patient/customer base and monitoring the patient satisfaction level.

Facility Maintenance Department

Facility Maintenance Department: Is dedicated to the efficient maintenance on all utilities/equipment, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.

Biomedical engineering section: Our Ultimate aim is to provide the best, fast, efficient, durable and safest Medical equipment Maintenance services to benefit the ailing patient. The diagnostic and the Therapeutic Medical equipment are maintained towards achieving the ISO standards. The Biomedical Engineers carry out a scheduled Planned Preventive Maintenance Program by which vital Diagnostic and Therapeutic equipment are cleaned, checked, calibrated, oiled and repaired if need be in accordance with the specification laid out by the Manufacturer. Complex Medical equipment such as CT-Scan, Ultrasound equipment, X-ray equipment etc. are maintained by the Distributor/Agents and are supervised by the Biomedical department. Biomedical services include arranging, supervising and monitoring of provision of Life saving Medical Gases to hospital.

Finance & Accounting Department

The Finance Department: The staff of the department is Professional, dedicated, qualified to provide related financial services to all the customers/vendors in a timely manner with courtesy which enhances the Hospital’s reputation of a Health Care facility of International standards by using the advanced Accounting Systems available in the Market. They are devoted to safeguard the financial interests of the Hospital by working in a professional manner.

Sections in the Finance Dept:
  • General Accounting Section.
  • Collection Section.
  • Receivables Accounting Section.
  • Patient Accounts Section

Materials Management Department

Materials Management Department: is to assure the availability Medical and Non medical Supplies of the proper quality and quantity of supplies, consistent with our standards of patient care at the most favorable prices and at minimum expense.

Human Resources & Support Services

Human Resources & Support Services Department: Provide a skilled, motivated and focused workforce that will improve on quality service to the customer while adding value to the hospital and employee. Responsibility for the proper management & administration of its own human resources and create its own policies & procedures which can run the company smoothly and orderly. It also aims to work for welfare & well being for the staff of the company. It is responsible for ensuring that well-defined working policies and procedures are implemented and correctly followed. Holding the responsibility for success in recruiting the right person at the right time rests with Human Resources and in particular with its ability to meet the deadlines defined in the system.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Management Information Systems (MIS): is committed to provide the organization with computerized solutions and statistical reports which will achieve quality professional patient care.

Patient Relation Services (PRS)

Patient Relation Services (PRS): is dedicated to provide highly qualified personnel who are Qualified, Committed, Competent and Empathic toward all Patients/Customers. We work in close relation with medical staff to provide best, professional quality services to our Patients/Customers within established policy and procedures by utilizing the available resources. The main aim of the department is to Serve the Community for a Better Quality of Life in all levels.

Sections in the PRS Department:
  • Admission / Approvals Department.
  • Medical Reports
  • Emergency (ER)
  • Casualty Department.
  • Patient Relation & Registration Department.
  • Out-Patient Dept. & Appointment Section.
Home Surgery


The Department of General Surgery in this Hospital is well equipped to deal with all general surgical elective and emergency cases. The department offers comprehensive treatment for thyroid and breast disorders, which includes breast-conserving surgery for cancer of the breast. There are facilities for frozen section to ensure completeness of tumor resection. There is a round the clock Trauma team to deal with all types of accident victims.